Are you opting for low calorie diet or are you already on a low calorie diet? Well, this article will take a brief look on some of the problems concerning about the low calorie diet.

Every type of diet has got their own problems- for some the diet works and for some doesn’t. Some people do see a very short lived result but as soon as they are back on track to their lifestyle or try to alter it a bit- the result of all the hard work goes crashing down mercilessly. Similarly low calorie diet has also got an equal share of myths to be discovered behind it.

The idea behind the low calorie diet is that the body will burn out more fat to obtain more energy if proper amount of energy is not supplied to it. For example if a person eats less- that means intake of low calorie and burns out more energy while doing physical activity than supplied to the body- the fat will be burnt to obtain more energy naturally. But it might cause malnutrition and lethargy if proper nutritional value is not taken. The body will certainly crave for more nutrition that will lead to the former.

Some problems concerning low calorie diet:

  • If you don’t take proper amount of food- it will definitely lead to loss of muscle mass.
  • To maintain the weight you achieve through low calorie diet- once you get back to having proper amount of food, it will lead to excess amount of weight gain.
  • One tends to cut down calories in their meal plan by unknowingly cutting down nutritional food items and good fats. Yes, your body does require a certain amount of fat to function properly. Some also make the mistake of skipping meals throughout the day. That doesn’t help with anything regarding to weight loss for a longer term but instead causes nothing but unnecessary starvation.
  • One can face certain health issues such as nausea or vomiting, dizziness, lethargy, lower level of hemoglobin in the blood resulting in anemia, hormonal imbalances etc.

So are you saying it doesn’t work?

No, there are cases when low calorie may work. It is advised to talk to a doctor who will take certain physical tests and also factors such as your height, weight, age, gender, the amount of physical work you carry out throughout your day and your daily lifestyle etc. After reviewing the doctor will advice and prescribe you a healthy diet plan which will suit you.

It is better to include nutritional food items in your diet plan and not cut them out in order to reduce the amount of calorie. Nutrition is more important than calorie, if one is to remain healthy. There are many recipes which can be found on the internet that are mainly designed for diets and are nutritious in nature. This is to ensure that you don’t end up suffering from malnutrition. A not only cutting calorie should be the main objective of a diet- proper exercise is also necessary.

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