Regular activity has a profound and healthy effect on our life. According to Harvard School of Public Health staying fit and active can save an individual from several disorders and serious life threatening diseases like a cardiac attack, stroke, diabetes and even cancer.

An active lifestyle does not necessarily imply that one has to do rigorous exercises every day for a particular set of hours. It is often not possible with the kind of busy routine our modern life expects us to accomplish. An active lifestyle can be achieved by doing physical movements each day and every day as a part of our day to activity. Mental happiness is known to yield better results. In other words, the work outs that are done should be enjoyed. Following are certain tips which may be considered to achieve an active life style:

  1. It will take just half an hour each day. This can be broken into three sessions which can be achieved during different parts of the day. For example, a morning walk for 10 minutes, followed by a 10 minutes after-lunch walk and ended with a 10 minutes of evening walk with your dog.
  2. Feeling pressurized to remain active will not achieve the benefits. Tension should not be there. Slow but steady and regular can be adopted by people who have been physically less active for many years. Gradually the temp may be increased. Patients with heart disease or muscular problems or other problems should follow this method.
  3. Work outs can be of any form like practicing different dance forms, practicing Yoga, free hand exercises, aerobics, stretching, exercises aided by instruments from gymnasium, jumping packs, swimming, walking, sports, joining karate classes or simply walking. The idea is to maintain a healthy weight, burn fat and harmful cholesterol and keeping your muscles fit and flexible. Weight lifting should be included in the chart of those who are eligible to do so. It improves balance and prevents bones diseases like osteoporosis.

Joining a yoga class or a gymnasium for some time is good idea because it gives the opportunity to try something new which helps to remove boringness and adds a fresh zest to the regular activity curriculum. Additionally, instructors share important health tips which should be used.