Sedentary lifestyles and the changed way of our living have led our lives to another path of diseases and illnesses. One of the most common diseases that are caused by our poor lifestyle habits and sedentary living is Diabetes. Diabetes is known to be the silent killer as it is the affecting millions of people all across the world. Not only this, Diabetes is also the 7th major cause of deaths in America.

Although, there could be number of causes of Diabetes, but the major one is our sedentary lifestyle. Various studies have shown that lack of the physical activity and obesity are contributing to the large number of population towards diabetes. In order to reduce the risk factors of diabetes type 2 and to prevent the worse consequences of this disease, there is the need of daily basis physical activity to be added in our routines.

So, having this information on our hand, we have compiled a list of the 3 best workouts for people with Diabetes or Prediabetes.

Great Exercises for People with Diabetes:

Number of studies have shown including adequate physical activity in our daily lives can reduce the chances of having diabetes to several times less. This is because of the reason that working out can help to boost energy levels, increase the action of insulin and also, keeps the blood sugar levels in check. So, here are the 3 great workout ideas that you can try at your home to control your diabetes.

  1. Walking:

Walking is the easiest type of the physical activity that one can add in his daily routine to control the consequences of diabetes. Not walking is only for the people having diabetes, anyone looking to lose his weight or to maintain his healthy body weight can add walking to his routine. Brisk walking is known to increase the heart rate that is beneficial for people having type 2 diabetes. Walking should be added at least three times a week for almost 150 minutes for diabetic patient.

  1. Tai Chi:

Tai Chi is probably one of the best workouts for the people suffering from diabetes. It is recommended to add this type of exercise in your daily routine at least once a week if you are patient of diabetes as it has been known to be very beneficial in providing fitness and stress reduction. It also improves the balance and reduces the chances of nerve damage, a condition associated with diabetes.

  1. Weight Training:

The benefits of weight training are known for centuries not only for the patients of diabetes, but for all. Weight training helps to reduce the fat percentage from the body by building muscle mass in the body. Having low muscle mass can be very dangerous for the diabetic patients as they can suffer harder to maintain their blood sugars. Each session of weight lifting should include at least 5 to 8 different types of lifting to gain strength.

These 3 workouts can surely add something to your health. But here’s the tip that start with smaller sessions and gradually increase the timings to build strength and maximum stamina.

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